Zuckere Welt

Madeleine and Anthony Kaselovsky’s home is the small traveling circus "Brunselli". The members of the circus are all part of the same family. For seven generations they've lived within a complex culture with hard rules and a special language. One thing is certain: Madeleine and Anthony's place will always be in the circus ring.



Madeleine Kaselovsky / Anthony Kaselovsky


Director: Tessa Langhans, Maike Backhaus / DOP: Christian Mario Löhr & Mathias Prause / Sound Recordist: Claas Benjamin Berger / Production: Meike Martens, Janna Velber / Editorial Staff: Andrea Ernst, Birgit Keller-Reddemann / Production Manager: Nima Kianzad / Editor: Carina Mergens / Sound Designer & Composer: Peter Aufderhaar / Animation: Patrick Buhr / Colorist: Johannes Wieland


KHM / Blinker Filmproduktion / Boogiefilm / WDR


Sony EX1 & EX3 / 52min / Germany