IRONHEAD is about a young football team which is gaining attention in China: the Shaolin Kung Fu Football Team. Their method of playing football combines the traditional ball sport with elements of the ancient Chinese martial art. While playing, they apply techniques like the Shaolin Iron Head or the Shaolin Tornado footwork, but they also adhere to the official FIFA rules of the game. Training with elements of Kung Fu is meant to improve the players’ strength, condition and flexibility. Shi Yanlu is a Shaolin Kung Fu master and the founder of Kung Fu football. He believes that this new training method is very promising and could help lead China’s up-and-coming players to inter - national recognition. A huge Kung Fu football school for 10,000 students is being built, fund ed with 200 million euros from a major Chinese company. What are the hopes and dreams of these young students? Is Kung Fu football really as promising as it seems? And what will become of the Kung Fu football students? Can they really become professional players?




Black Magic Pocket Camera / 92min / China


Director & Editor: Tian Dong / DOP, A-Camera: Christian Mario Löhr / B-Camera & Glidecam Operator: Alexander Pauckner / Colorist: Fabiana Cardalda